Monday, 27 April 2009

The Boy Who Made Up a World

Children's book project for Macmillan Prize 2009. 

One boy made up a whole world, filled with funny creatures.

He made up how they live, work, bake bread and plough the earth.

But the creatures didn’t know how to play and when they wanted to, they just stood still.

Then the boy turned into one of the creatures and taught them. 

He taught them how to use the swings,

 sit above the river, 

 swim on a paper boat in the sea,

 draw stars in the sky,

 scratch kittens behind their ears,

 drink tea with raspberry jam,

 run away from the big,

 stupid monster,

 pretend to be secret agents,

 catch snowflakes with the tongue

 and blow up balloons.

Then the boy got tired and went to bed, 

tomorrow will be another day to make more things up. 


Ludovic Pujol said...

The story is very cool. How dya come up with them )))

Aleksei Bitskoff said...

I dunno how it comes, but, look, I was surprised these guys in Macmillan called me and said that they like it! :)

justdoodleit said...

This story and drawings are absolutely radical mate. I love "The Boy Who Made Up a World"!

Aleksei Bitskoff said...

me too me too :)))

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised they liked it!
your illustrations are very dreamy and have a real sense of the other world!