Friday, 24 July 2009


 I got short and quite interesting graphic novel in my mind now. This is an example of transformation of my final year project about Little Shaman's adventures. Idea is actually same, but visual stuff and technique are different. This way I like it most. 
 It going to be in kind of tibetan language (it looks cool isn't?). However I don't know any tibetan - the main point going to be in images themselves.


Ludovic Pujol said...

I love the new Shapka!
And this illustration, funny funny)
Gooda lucka buddy.
And hows Nastjena? And where are more photos from da wedding?)

Aleksei Bitskoff said...

Yeah! we are ok!
Good to hear from you!
Hm, I will post photos somewhere -
Nastya got few on facebook...

Unknown said...

tq pizdat i bez dat....

koro zaposhu nouju fotku v LJ ...
sledi za anonsom