Thursday, 17 February 2011

Guru Xia stories

Great teacher Benjamin Pen was the main lineage holder of the teachings of the Great Graphite Rod. He successfully passed these teachings to his student Xia, who later became guru himself.

The story about the Great Graphite Rod.
A student asked Guru Xia why he wears no dress and should his students do the same?
"What do you mean? - asked Guru Xia, - I am wearing 4 sides of the world - left, right, up and down. But literally it means nothing. What we should wear and what we should not - only Great Graphite Rod knows.
- Why our universe is in black and white? - asked students.
- Because the Photoshop doesn't work properly, - was the answer.
* * *
Pencil Dharma
Once all the students have gathered together to listen to the Pencil teachings, but the teacher Xia did not come. "Where is the teacher?" - asked students?
"Everywhere... everywhere... here... here... - appeared on the white paper.

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